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Dynamic and Relocatable Dynamic Partition

The following jobs are loaded into memory using dynamic partition and relocatable dynamic  partition. Its memory size is 220k with allocated OS for 15k. These are the following list of jobs with their specific size and turnaround.

Job 1          100k          3             
Job 2            10k          1             
Job 3             35k         2             
Job 4             15k         1              
Job 5             23k         2              
Job 6               6k         1
Job 7             25k         1
Job 8             55k         2
Job 9             88k         3
Job 10         100k         3

D Y N A M I C     P A R T I T I O N
The main memory is partitioned. Jobs given memory requested when loaded and one contiguous partition per job. It uses "First Come, First Serve" allocation method in allocating job and its memory waste is comparatively small.

R E L O C A T A B L E     D Y N A M I C   P A R T I T I O N
The memory manager relocates programs of which it gathers together all empty blocks. Compact the empty blocks and make one block of memory large enough to accommodate some or all of the jobs waiting to get in.